Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Reflection from 2015

This year I did my learning with Mrs Parker in a net-book classroom using Google Drive.

Having a net-book made it easier to make sure that my work is tidy. We can also just backspace the wrong writing, rather than having to find an eraser and erasing it out, which leaves a mess too.

This year I learned short cuts to use on technology (eg: copy and paste). I also learnt the definitions and correct spelling for more advanced words.

I did research on planets (Mostly Venus) and our solar system, different languages, descriptive words and much more.

The thing I enjoyed learning about the most was about the solar system, because it is good to know about our planet and know what will be expected to happen.

I still want to learn more about planets, because I really just want to know everything about it.

The class trip/activity I enjoyed most this year was the Stardome trip, because I learnt that on Matariki day, we can see shapes of Maui’s fish hook. We can also see the other planets like Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. There were a lot more other shaped stars too!

I am proud of the way I comment one another’s blog's from our school, or other schools.

Next year I am going to get a higher level in my subjects, especially Maths.

Mum's Cafe Menu

For Financial Literacy, my group and I had to order some food like breakfast, mains, dessert, sides and beverages (that all had a prise) from this Menu below. Everyone of us had $25 each to spend. In the end we had to total up our own prise, and then total up everyone's prise.

If you had $25 dollars to spare, what would you spend it on using the Menu below?

1.Corn on a cob- $3.00
2. Soft Drink- $2.00
3.Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich- $5.95
4.Ice-Cream Sundae- $5.50

Total- $16.45

1.Hot chips-$4.00
2.Apple pie-$6.00
3.Pancakes/Maple Syrup-$9.50
4.Soft Drink-$2.00


1.Potato Salad-$3.50
2.Ice-cream Sundae-$5.50
3.Orange Juice-$2.00
4.Hawaiian Pizza-$4.65

Total $15.65    
Change- $9.35    

1.Potato Salad-$3.50
2.Soft Drink-$2.00
3.Ham and Cheese Toasted sandwich-$5.95
4.Chocolate Brownie-$6.00


Group total- $70.95

How many change? Altogether our change was $32.40

Did we have enough money in the end? Yes

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sports with Tamaki College

On a very hot and sunny day, Tamaki College came over to play some sports with us, that they learnt about from their coach.

We went in groups of twelve first. When we got to the field we firstly played a game of octopus to warm ourselves up. When we played octopus, there were 3 taggers and apart from the taggers we had to run the to the other side where the cone is, because that's the safe place where you can’t get tagged. When you get tagged, you have to be seaweed, you have to stand in one place without moving, trying to tag anyone that runs past.

After that, we played a game called Moon Ball with this big blue ball which people use for Yoga. This game was kinda similar to Rugby, but using a different ball. The two groups had to run to the middle of the field which where the ball was and grab it to take it to the cone, and we had to push the ball to bump people off to get through, it was also kind of funny.


For Maths, we made a Pictograph using Google Drawings, I  made this to show how much fruit we ate this week, including today. (Half a fruit equals just one piece of fruit).

Graphic Organiser

For Reading I made this Graphic Organiser about black holes.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sensational Chocolate!!

Sensational Chocolate!!
Today for Writing, we did something a little different… Mrs Parker had made this amazing chocolate tart, and posted a picture of the lovely dish, that she shared with her neighbours and husband, on Twitter.

When she posted that picture, she also tagged Whittaker's in
her tweet. Whittaker's got to see that post and contacted Mrs Parker.
She wanted to post this image on Facebook, and if Mrs Parker said
yes, she would deliver boxes of chocolates. So Mrs Parker had agreed and she did send her a boxes of chocolate. Mrs Parker said that she is a teacher and she would like to share some with her students, us!

She sent a lot, but we only got to taste the Hokey Pokey
chocolate. Mrs Parker wanted us to describe the chocolate for Writing , because for Writing we are learning to describe and use interesting words so as look at the chocolate, smell the chocolate, feel the 
chocolate and then finally eat the chocolate. It smelt like cocoa, felt like slimy when it melted. When we ate it, we let it melt on on tongues. When all the chocolate melted like a chocolate waterfall, I could feel the Hokey Pokey bits on my tongue, which felt like crystal eggs and when we bit it, it sounded crunchy!

The next day, we got to taste another chocolate. We tasted the raspberry and cookie crumble one, but it was actually called Berry Biscuit, which smelt like Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate, but better.

WALT: Write with figurative language
SC: Use adjectives and similes to describe a flavour

photo 2 (15).JPG
This is a picture of Mrs Parker's Chocolate Tart.

If I were to make a Chocolate flavour, it’ll be Coconut and Raspberry bits with Milk Chocolate. I think it’ll make a great suit together.

Friday, 27 November 2015

World Trip!

A few days ago Glenbrae School had gone on a world trip. I'll explain it to you soon... For our world trip we went to Room 3, Maru had came to our school, we were the 28th School they had visited out of the thousands of Schools in New Zealand, so we were very lucky.

When we arrived, we could see a cardboard view master with a smartphone inserted. Mrs Parker and Maru explained what we had to do like hold it from both sides so the phone doesn't fall out and when we press the cardboard “button” down, it would zoom in. Mrs Parker controls the phone on a tablet, so where ever she presses on the tablet, we go there. When I put on the “Google goggles”, I didn't know it would look 3D, I thought it’ll just look like a normal smartphone screen, but no, it was 3D, because there were some glasses in there. Maru said that they’re still deciding if they want to release the app or not, so we kinda got a sneak peek and just to let you know they are real life photos… so we couldn't go to the other planets like Jupiter, Saturn and the others.

After that, Mrs Parker told us to carefully grab one and wait for her to take us to our destination. We first went to the Volcanoes, I got so scared, because it looked like I was standing in lava. It look SO REAL! We went to so many places, but I especially liked the Slovenia caves and space. I really liked space, because we I learnt that the Milky Way goes all around our galaxy. As I said before we went to so many places, but I can only write about two so let's talk about space now!

In space we saw the Earth’s atmosphere, the Sun, the Moon, Mars and the Stars/Milky Way. On Mars it was just grey and students were asking why it was that colour, because we all knew that it was a bright colour. Mrs Parker said “Because it is night time, during the day time it’s bright.” We also went on the Moon, and saw Neil Armstrong. It was really scary, because we were kinda like flying and it was really high.

After a few places, we went to the Slovenia Caves in Italy, but I've been to the Caves somewhere in New Zealand. It looked really similar, but there were Glow Worms.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Stardome Trip

On Thursday Glenbrae School seniors have been learning about planets, so we had gone to Stardome to learn more and I did!

When we arrived at Stardome, on a bus, we firstly had a little bit to snack on before we could go inside. After lunch, Room 9 and 10 went to play on the playground, while we went inside.

Our class, Room 7 and the other class Room 8 had looked around first, before we could go into the observatory classroom. When we entered, we could see some displays of planets. That plastic Jupiter ball was so huge, imagine how big it would be to see in real life. We explored more of the place, and there was a astronaut cardboard with a face hole, so we could see what we would look like “wearing” an astronaut suit. There were a couple of games we could play about Aliens, Reflection, and there were some information about our solar system and satellite dishes in space, we could read about.   

Moments later, we were called in the observatory room. Our Stardome teacher, taught us more about the seasons, like how Earth is just like the Goldilocks story, because we are not so close to the Sun or not to far from it. We learnt a lot more, but right now I’m going to type about the fun and interesting part.
When we entered the Room, we could see a big dome. I guess that's why it’s called Stardome. It looked really small from outside, but when we got inside, it was so LARGE! After we got over how awesome it was, the Stardome teacher explained some exits, if there was an emergency. Next, we found a seat to watch the movie, but first of all, the teacher showed us the what the stars look like when Matariki occurs, you can see seven stars all close together and you can see Maui’s fish hook… There were a lot more other shapes of stars. There was a blue and red star together, that is shaped like an arrow, which is pointing to a cross. We could see some Planets from Earth, like Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

Okay okay, enough about that. We then watched the video that was about a girl making her science project about the solar system (her Earth wasn’t on a tilt), when her little brother came in playing with his rocket and robot toys. Her little brother was intrigued by her science project so he approached her… He asked her what she was doing, but while he was doing so, he was playing with his rocket and totally broke plastic Earth, so it was hanging down. When it happened, it started to rain leaves in the house. Then the next thing you know, her little brother’s rocket took them into space to see why we have seasons. When they stopped, his robot came alive too, they were in such a shock, but then he started to talk and told them the Earth was on a tilt, so that is why we have seasons. They also went exploring around and about and learnt that the higher the Sun is in the sky, the hotter is, so the lower it is then the cooler it gets. We learnt a lot!

When we finished watching that awesome little movie, we finally went to play on the playground.

What causes seasons?

What causes seasons?

[Define] Seasons happened throughout the year, and they come in this order, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.

[Describe] During Autumn, the leaves fall off. During Winter, it gets really cold and sometimes snow in some countries. Next there is Spring, Spring is when the leaves on trees start to grow again, and then finally there's Summer, everyone’s favourite season. When summer occurs, it’ll be really hot. So slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen and slap on a hat!

[Explain] We have these seasons, because the Earth’s axis is on a tilt. This means that the Earth is always “pointing” to one side as it orbits the Sun. So that one side gets sunlight, while the other one gets cold, because it’s not pointing to the Sun.


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Melanoma Risk Extreme High

Name of article that I read: Melanoma Risk Extreme High

Author: Kate Burn

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? The main characters are Australia and New Zealand.

2. What was the key event from the news article? The key event is that there is a high risk of Melanoma travelling to New Zealand.

3. Where did this event take place? It took place in Australia.

4. When did this event take place? This article was made on November the 9th.

5. Why did this event happen? This happened because the Sun has been growing, so I think it’s heating up at the same time.

Screenshot 2015-11-17 at 10.11.02.png

Friday, 13 November 2015


My superpower is being able to super speed.

I am smart, unique, and fit.

If I could, I would super speed all over the world, so I can travel to different Countries, Islands and Cities to experience their life and learn new languages and people. I can also super speed somewhere far or near super fast to save them.
People would see me and think I am going to hurt them, because I would be the only person on Earth to have Superpowers

With my SUPERPOWER, I would be the fastest person on Earth.
I'm as fast as Usain Bolt can be. When I use the SUPER powers within me.

Friday, 6 November 2015

The Vege Car

Today,  Davarni, Honey and I have been working together on a document. We had to write the Positive, Negative and Interesting (PMI), parts about the Vege Car, the MacDonald family have. There were more Negatives than Pluses. We also had to write a Post Card to our best friend, so that means we were pretending to be James Iti. (Click the image to enlarge)


The Post Card
To: Jacob Franco (James Iti's Best friend)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

My new friend Autumn!

Heeey! I have a new friend named Autumn. She just joined Glenbrae School today, she's a awesome person to talk too, she has brown hair with golden highlights, and she is the selfie queen, she has 954 selfies on her Ipad! Just of herself and her friends. Autumn is in love with Maths. Rugby is her life, when she was 5 years old, Autumn and her older brother were playing with the Rugby ball. Every time her brother went to his Rugby tournaments, she always came to support him. When she got older, like 9 years old, and that's when she got so obsessed with Rugby. She is now 10 years old and she already has so many trophies in her black trophy shelf. Yes, I know all this, because we did a best friend quiz, I’ll tell you about it later.

So that was just a couple of facts about Autumn, now let me tell you, about Shannon and Autumn. On the day, our teacher told us we had to get random presents and put them in a bag so we could pick some out of the bag, but since me and Autumn didn’t know that we were supposed to do that, we put each others names on the presents and gave it to eachcothe .We both gave each other amazing presents, I won’t tell you what it was awesome and I felt thankful.

The other day, during lunch time, because we had more time than morning-tea… Anyway me and Autumn had done a challenge/quiz, basically what it is, you just ask the person a question about yourself (eg: When is my birthday?), so if you get it correct, you can ask them a question about yourself, then they try and get it correct, if they don’t get the correct answer by three tries then you will just have to tell them.

Me and Autumn have become great friends, I was so grateful she had came to our school, I don't really know what I would do without her. I enjoyed the best friend Quiz, not only it was fun, but I got to know more about her. I’m proud to call Autumn my best friend.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

All Blacks demolished France

Name of article that I read: All Blacks demolish France

Author: Shem Banbury

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? The main people are the All Blacks (NZ), France, everyone who works with the All Blacks or France, and people who work at the stadium.

2. What was the key event from the news article? The key event is that the All Blacks (NZ) demolished France during the quarter finals.

3. Where did this event take place? This event took place at Wembley stadium in Cardiff.

4. When did this event take place? On the 17th of October (4 days ago) is when this event took place.

5. Why did this event happen? This event happened, because those two teams had got the highest points during the Rugby World Cup, so they got to play in the quarter-finals and it was very exciting, but it was also a nerve-racking game, because in 2007 the All Blacks and France had played together at the exact same place where they played in 2007. France won that game in 2007, so it was kind of a memory to them so I think that’s why the All Blacks tried their hardest to win, and I think that’s why we got a lot of tries and we WON! (62 - 13)

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Solar Plane Questionnaire

Click the link to find out the correct answers and then comment below which one you think is correct & I will reply with "Correct" or "Incorrect". It's okay if you get it incorrect.

What is the name of the Pilot that rode the Solar Plane?

  • Andre Borschberg
  • Joseph Parker
  • Craig Cooper
  • Kate Williams

How many days will it take that person to reach his/her destination?

  • 1 Week
  • 7 to 8 weeks
  • 5 to 6 days
  • 2 days

What does the Solar Plane weigh more than?

  • A bus
  • A train
  • A car
  • 100 men

How does the Solar Plane move?

  • By battery
  • By itself
  • The power of the sun
  • Runs on fuel

What is the name of the destination?

  • America
  • Flo Rida
  • Hawaii
  • New Zealand

How does he/she feel about this mission?

  • He doesn’t know
  • He’s reeeeally nervous
  • It’ll be a piece of cake
  • He’s confused

What I'm grateful for...

In 2015 I am grateful that I met some of the Warriors, that we get free food from my school, and that at Glenbrae we have a great education thanks to our awesome Glenbrae School teachers. I’d also like to achieve by the end of the year higher goals in learning like Maths, Reading and Writing.

A few weeks back, the other year six’s and I had been taught how to improve more in Rugby, after they taught the year 7 and 8’s. I am grateful I met some of the Warriors & they taught some of our School students how to succeed & learn more skills about Rugby.

Glenbrae school is so lucky to have free food like: breakfast (Cereal & Milo), fruit, milk and we can order lunch too. We can also get free lunch from the office if we forget to bring lunch from home. So thank you to the staff that works in the office and also the teachers that had taught me throughout my life while I am at this School. I’d like to achieve higher goals in learning like Maths, Reading and Writing.

Monday, 19 October 2015

During the Holidays...

Guess what happened during October? Well, don’t worry, because I’m going to tell you. On the very special day the 7th of October was my birthday. I didn't really want to celebrate it, but we still had a little birthday party with my parents, auntie, my two uncles and my two cousins. I got a few presents, and quite a lot of food and snacks. I didn't get many presents I only got 11, because I was turning 11 years old.

After my Dad got back from shopping, I saw that he bought a cake for me. I didn't see what it looked like, because it was in a plastic bag and I don’t think that my Dad wanted me to see my birthday cake yet. While Mum and one of my uncles were blowing some balloons up, I was opening my presents (I won’t tell what I got).

Later, my Mum and Dad were cooking some food (I also won’t tell what we were going to eat), but trust me it was delicious. I was running around to see what everyone was doing, because I was so excited! It was now the afternoon... My Dad decided to ring my other uncle, auntie and two cousins to come over and celebrate my birthday as well. We left out some snacks for them to munch on, while my Mum and Dad cooked the actual food.

Next, my cousins and I went to my room to play, by that I mean jump all over the bed, mess it up and then make it all tidy again, so we could all watch Adventure Time! Moments later, we were called to come and eat. After that, we got out my birthday cake. It was a chocolate cake covered in coffee flavoured icing and it said “Happy Birthday Shannon” with pink icing on top of my cake, there was dots of icing around the cake too. It was stunning! My mum lit the candle, (the candle also plays the birthday song). I used the knife to cut my cake, it looked great.

Everyone got a piece of cake to feed me. While they were taking photos, it was kinda weird and awkward when they had to leave the spoon and cake in my mouth, for the photo. The cake tasted better than I thought it would. We dished our food out and sat down to eat. On Friday we were going to Taupo then to Rotorua after that. I’m now 11 years old and felt more mature and special.

content (3).jpg

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Preparing for cross country

In preparation for Cross Country, Room 7 ran two laps around the Glenbrae School field, after warming up. While we were warming up, Room 10 was also running around the field, so I got a little bit excited that we'll be running with the oldest students in the school. It made me feel like I was in Room 10.

It was very cold this morning, the wind blew through my ears and I had goosebumps all over me. Most of us were terrified when we heard that we had to run twice around the field, because our school field is pretty big and we didn't know if we could do it. When we ran around the back of the field (near the soccer goal post), the field was muddy, our shoes got muddy too, but it'll be like that when we do cross country anyway.

Mrs Parker told us to just jog, because we needed strength for when we wanted to catch up to the others. If we speed at the beginning and not save any energy for the end, then we'll be really puffed out and we would end up falling all over the place. So I learnt not to waste all my energy zooming off and beating everyone, because it's about saving energy till the end, and that's what I did. At first I was terrified, but after I did the two laps... I wanted to do 20 more, because I felt refreshed.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sumo Paint 2

Today with Mrs Raj we created a Sumo Paint using colours and shapes. My art work is about the night and day and what we do during day time and what I think happens while we sleep, but the Ghosts just haves a nice touch, I don't think they're real, but I enjoyed making this Sumo Paint. I know it's only a little bit of work, it's because I only had a little bit of time to make this art work.

The Motorway Debate