Friday, 31 July 2015

Journey through the stars

Our other story was about the reflection from the stars reflecting on the sea and the Author wrote a story about how the galaxy is infinite. It is especially amazing how the layout is made, it makes it seem like a wave like the sea.

Silent Avalanche claims two lives

Name of article that I read: Silent Avalanche claims lives

Author: Shem Banbury

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? Louis-Vincent and Etienne LeMieux are the main characters, that have died during this event.

2. What was the key event from the news article? A silent Avalanche occurs and unfortunately has killed two men both the age of 23, Louis-Vincent and Etienne LeMieux.

3. Where did this event take place? This event took place at Kepler Track in Fiordland.

4. When did this event take place? It took place on July 29th 2015

5. Why did this event happen? It was just a natural disaster.

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Aliens Invade Earth Story

For our Reading task, we read about a Alien Invasion and it was about a messed up bathroom all set up for the Aliens. E.g: The toothpaste tube was squeezed out from the tube so they can suck from it, he left his towel on the floor so the Aliens have a safe landing through the window, left the tap running for the Aliens because it was a long trip from Arcturus. During this story me and my group learnt more about sentence layouts and structures, mostly about irony for this Reading task. I found it difficult explain the meanings of each word and to think about more of the insects and what they eat.

Emotion Poems


Disgust is green like a snotty nose
It taste like brussel sprouts!!
It smells like toe jams from a long walk
It looks like a dump of unwashed laundry
It sounds like fart noises when your eating
It feels soft, squishy and slimy



Anger is red like the blood flowing through your body
It taste like a dry and tasteless throat
It smells like spicy rice brought from a C- Bakery
It looks like a steam train puffing out
It sounds like a growling wolf stuck in mud
It feels like an untamed dog



Boredom is grey like stormy clouds
It tastes like rice pudding being eaten cold and slow
It smells like nature blowing through the half open window
It looks like you're the only one awake while everyone else is asleep
It sounds peaceful but not how you would like it
It feels like you're the only one on earth and have nothing to do.



Sadness is blue like tears that have falling from the sky
It taste like the tasteless saliva in your mouth
It smells like nothing but nature
It looks like your by yourself in the corner crying
It sounds other people having fun somewhere else
It feels like you have no friends



Joy is yellow like the bright sunset
It taste like yummy biscuits baked from Grandma
It smells like gummy bears brought from a scout girl
It looks like a daisy blooming into a beautiful bunch
It sounds like laughter with friends and family
It feels like a tingling sensation



Fear is purple like the colour of a clowns shoe
It taste like salt and vinegar in your eyes
It smells like old abandoned Pyramid
It looks like a shadow watching you sleep
It sounds like a banging noise that wouldnt stop
It feels like no one can help you in the situation


Thursday, 23 July 2015

Holidays Poem


Holidays are a blue relaxed chilled time
They taste like frozen icy slushy
They smell of egg and toast in the morning
They look like special time with family
It sounds like laughter with friends
It feels like time has slowed down.


Monday, 20 July 2015

All Blacks beat Samoa

Name of article that I read: The article that I read was ‘All Blacks beat Samoa’

Author: The author of the story was Shem Banbury

1. Who is the main person or group of people in this news article? The main group of people was the All Blacks and Samoa.

2. What was the key event from the news article? The key event from the news article was that All Blacks bate Samoa…

3. Where did this event take place? The event took place in Apia Park, Samoa.

4. When did this event take place? This event was on the July of the 8th.

5. Why did this event happen? Because they have never played in Samoa before, so they decided they would play against Samoa in Apia.
All Blacks


When I was cruising around town I saw heaps and heaps of Samoa flags sticking out of people’s cars, I counted how much there were, but I lost count because there were so much flags… But I think it was nearly 30 flags popping out of people’s cars. My dad bought me some food, meanwhile I saw a man driving and holding a Samoa flag out of his window at the same time, and I thought that was very dangerous because he could crash the car and his family was in the car as well.

I enjoyed answering the questions about the article because I actually watched the game, I'm not usually a sport person. But I found it hard to answer the questions in full sentences, and it was difficult trying to use different words for each starting of the sentence.

Friday, 3 July 2015

Mad scientists

The senior students (9 - 12) of Glenbrae School had a mad weekend of Science during Term 2, week 10, 2015. Every Monday we had Mrs Raj as our teacher. We learned about Physical and Chemical changes. Each class had a science experiment of their own to show the other classes.

Today, in Room 7 Mrs Raj was showing us about the 3 states of matter, which involves Water - Liquid, Ice - Solid and Gaseous - Steam. To show us about the 3 states of matter Mrs Raj borrowed a little bit of coffee from Mr Nath next door. Mrs Raj boiled water in a the electric jug. When the water was finally boiled, Mrs Raj poured the boiling water into the cup of coffee. She showed us the Steam that was evaporating from the cup. After that, we learnt more about condensation, evaporation and the water cycle.

The next day, we had our normal teacher Mrs Parker. With Mrs Parker, we learnt how to make bread (Baking is science). When we bake, Mrs Parker explained why you need to let the bread rest before you bake the bread. We now know what happens when you let the bread rest. After kneading the dough, you had to punch the dough down before letting it rest. By punching the bread dough down, it helps the Carbon Dioxide dissolve into the bread. The yeast is ALIVE! so it feeds on the sugar because it needs to stay alive and active. When the yeast it feeding on the sugar, the bread wouldn’t be as sweet as it was before. When it was morning tea, we left the bread to rise and we made another bread but we didn’t leave it to rise, we put it straight into the oven. After morning tea, we sat on the mat. Mrs Parker said she’ll choose a few students to wash their hands so they could knead the bread dough. I was chosen, then I went to wash my hands, with my other friends. We washed our hands and dried them with a towel. Me and the other students were rushing to go and knead the bread, when we got in I could spell the bread dough. Me and the other students got in a line to knead the bread. It was now my turn after 3 minutes or so. The second I felt the bread it was softer than I thought. When I kneading the bread, Mrs Parker said to “Knead the bread hard as you can” so I did knead the bread harder. Minutes later, when we all had finished kneading the bread. Mrs Card took the bread dough down to the kitchen in the hall to bake the bread.
Finally when the bread finished baking. We made butter! Mrs Parker brought in some cream, salt and 4 mini jars. Each house group got a jar of butter and salt, we were told to shake them as fast as we could. But while we shaked them, we kept one finger on top of the lid just to make sure it wont open. Everyone took turns with the jar, it was really fun too. Rata house was the first to get their butter result. In the jar was butter and milk! It somehow made milk??
Finally when we all had finished shaking our butter jars. Room 7 all gathered down on the mat, Mrs Parker and Mrs Card sliced the bread into little pieces so everyone gets a piece of bread. Next, when the bread was finished Mrs Parker and Mrs Card buttered the bread pieces. The house that was sitting the best, got to choose their bread first. Since we were the best house, we got to go get a piece of bread first and it looked pretty good. I couldn’t wait to eat my piece of bread with butter on top. Everyone got their piece of bread and we were all having a nice treat. Mrs Parker told us to take a bite of both pieces of bread at the same time and taste the difference between each bread. So since we get milk nowadays we had our milk with our two pieces of bread. We all enjoyed it, the bread was so delicious but I wanted more.

I think on Wednesday was the best science day. In Room 10 with Mrs Tofa we learnt how to cut an apple, without the apple turning brown-ish. We had to choose a liquid and place to put the apple. But before that, we got into our house groups. Kowhai was my group (yellow house). The options to put the apple in was water, vinegar, sprite or L&P. You could also choose to put the apple outside or inside. Kowhai all thought we should put the apple in vinegar then put it outside in the sun. Mrs Tofa said to leave it outside/inside for 10 minutes, while we’re waiting Luisa, Honey and I took some photos on the class Ipad before we could leave it in the sun. 10 minutes later we went to take a look at the apple. First of all, we had to take a photo for the result after we left it in the sun, with it dipped in vinegar (we made a movie of our science week.) We all gathered in class to show the result of the apple, Kowhai had a fantastic result but I don't know about the other houses.

On the last day of science, we were in Mr Nath’s class. In his class, Mr Nath and Miss Card had a competition. Mr Nath had salt on his teaspoon and Miss Card had brown sugar on her teaspoon. Mr Nath burnt two long blue candles, Mr Nath held his teaspoon of salt ontop of the burning candle and Miss Card held her teaspoon of brown sugar ontop of the burning candle. Me and Luisa was also filming the experiment, others were getting closer and they were also amazed. Moments later, we could see the salt and brown sugar boiling, we got more amazed about the experiment. About 10 minutes later, the boiling stopped. Mr Naths result was back to normal, by that I mean that the salt hadn’t changed. But Miss Card’s teaspoon of brown sugar was all crispy and burnt, there was no more sugar left, it all became dry like little flakes. And when Miss Card turned her spoon around it was all burnt, so was Mr Nath’s teaspoon.
On Thursday we also went to Mrs Moopanar’s class, but Ms Ravi was the teacher. For the experiment Ms Ravi showed us how to make Lemon Pop Soda, Ms Ravi had a glass of lemon juice, sugar, water and baking soda. She left the baking soda for last. We all waited, then finally she poured it in. The Lemon Pop Soda rised higher, it was really awesome! I felt like drinking it because it looked delicious.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquiry Road Show

Today Glenbrae School had our inquiry road show. This is when all the classes share what they have learned during the term. We share our learning by creating presentations, posters, diagrams and hands-on activities. I enjoyed Room 10's project, because they made slime, but it smelt like amazing perfume. Nearly everyone got high five of slime on their hands, the slime was blue and to make the slime blue, they used food blue colouring. The slime had little jelly parts in it, but I didn't like that. So I think that was the best, but we didn't learn anything. So aside the slime project, I think that the Quiz from Room 10 was interesting as well. My Teina from Room 4, that I had to look after said "Could you play this game?" so I did play the game. The Quiz was to fill in the blanks as fast as you can from 0 to 20. I got it done in 9 seconds!