Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kahoot Quiz!

Today we did a Kahoot Quiz about the human body.
I scored 9350 points.
I really enjoyed this quiz because it was really
fun and also we're learning at the same time, I'm also one of the winners!

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Water Fun Day

Today (Monday 9th 2015) at my school, Glenbrae, we had water fun day. It occurred at our Glenbrae School court, field and halfway down the juniors part of school. It all started at 9:15 am in the morning. We had this water fun day to cool down because it is now summer! Some of our parents came to get wet or just watch us play fun activities and getting very wet.

Next, all classes were asked if they had any house coloured T-shirts like the colour Red/Rata, Blue/Nikau, Green/Kauri and finally Yellow/Kowhai (I am in Kowhai/Yellow.) So we got changed in our school toilets, then we came back to class then lined up. We then sat in our house groups on the Glenbrae School court. After we waited for instructions to where we could go.

After all that, room 7 (the class I’m in) went to the water slide with my teacher, Mrs Parker. At first I was pretty nervous but when it was my turn I FAILED!! but I was still proud of myself for at least having a try at it.. My 2nd attempt was way better then the first try, my 3rd attempt was just okay.

Later on, we moved onto the next water obstacle which was next to our school hall, with Miss D and Fasi’s dad. We filled our containers with water from a bucket, we had to crawl under 2 chairs. It was very difficult for me to get under the chairs and trying not to spill the water, I also couldn’t really fit under the chairs too! After we went to 5 more different water obstacles like under and over using a sponge, so this is how it goes, we firstly grab the sponge and dip it in the water then pass it over your head and under your legs to the end where the person and the end of the line runs over to the coloured bins to squeeze the sponge.