Monday, 22 June 2015

Scientific Terminology

Today Mrs Raj did a few scientific experiments. From these I learned that if there is cold water in a cup, the cold air around you will make condensation outside of the cup. I think I have become much brainier.

Friday, 19 June 2015


In May was my cousins birthday, May 15. Nga is my cousin and he used to come to Glenbrae School last year, but now he goes to Pt England School. He had turned twelve in May, on May was a school day and he walks home. Since Nga walks home from Pt England it would take about 10 minutes to walk home, me and his brother George (Seven years old) went on the car so we could get home quicker. George also goes to Pt England School.

When we arrived to Nga’s house, we quickly got out of the car and got inside. Inside there was my Uncles, Aunts and Moana (Ten years old) my other cousin, Ngas sister, and she goes to Ruapotaka School, also Ngas little brother Te Aue (Three years old) he is still in kindergarten.

Moments later, I could smell food, so I went to go look what was cooking. I could see Sausages, Fried Chips, Chicken, Mayonnaise with eggs on top, beet root inside with some Potatoes, a bowl of Salad and some Cake and Candy for us kids, with Ice Cream too. It was now about five minutes left till Nga arrives, so we were getting excited. Me and my cousins couldn't stop moving around or looking at the food, that's how excited we were. I decided that we should go out and play on the trampoline while we wait for Nga to arrive, they also have three cats so I played with them. When we were all puffed out and getting sweaty we decided to go back inside because we don’t want to smell and make the house stink.

As we got inside, I could hear the gate latch so I ran to the window and saw Nga. My other cousins came along to the window and we all said “Get down!” then again “Get down!”.
Nga opened the door slightly and “SURPRISE!” we all said jumping out of our hiding spaces. I think Nga had gotten a little frightened there, he smiled and he had walked in then laid his bag on the floor and ran and hugged us! That was very nice of him. We all headed towards the food and lit the candles on the cake, we sang the Happy Birthday song and he blew out the candles.

After that, we all dished our food and sat down to eat. The food was delicious and everyone had a good time, it was nearly 4:00 then. At 7:00 I will get picked up from my dad. Even though my mum and dad wasn't there I still had a good time with my other relations. I felt happy for Nga because he is now twelve years old and next year he will be thirteen!

Tuesday, 16 June 2015


We learned to measure in m, cm and mm.
I measured my foot length and it is 24.5 cm.
My height is 160 metres.
My height is 6 1/3 times my foot length.

Art Work

This is a piece of digital art was proudly created by me using Sumo Paint. I used colour palettes to make my art work. I used contrasting colours and made my pictures beautiful.

You can also comment for which one you like the best!

Monday, 15 June 2015

In the morning

In the morning we usually run around the court and do some Yoga exercises with Mrs Parker. But today for fitness we played the balloon game with Mrs Raj. When we were about to go out for fitness, Mrs Raj said “The boys will go first” because if it were a boys and girls game, they would make a fuss about holding hands. So the girls did two laps jogging around the court, while the boys played with the balloon.

While the other students were playing, I had to go to Mrs Parker, so I missed quite a lot. But I’ll tell you what happened when I got there… When I finally arrived there, it was the boys that were playing with the balloon, so I saw my friend and I ran up to her and we jogged around the court together. After, we had finished jogging around the court twice, the other girls and I were watching the boys play. Vainikolo fell down because he was trying to hit the balloon, he slipped over but he was strong so he carried on.

As the boys’ game ended, it was the girls turn and I was so excited because I was there just in time to play the game. We had to get in a circle and hold hands. While we held hands, Mrs Raj threw the balloon in the air, we kept an eye on the balloon so we could hit the balloon, while we were still holding hands. We could use our heads and legs too, but using our hands was easier.

Meanwhile the boys were running two laps around the court. The girls were screaming saying “Hit the balloon!” and “Go that way!” it was just chaos but the game was awesome and so much fun! But we were hitting the balloon towards the field, the blue balloon landed on the grass and it went POP! we all sadly said “Aww!” then the game was over, so we headed back to class.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Annyong means "Hi!"

In our reading task, we had red a story about kids from South Korea, Seoul. They had moved to New Zealand permanently. We had made a Venn Diagram about the story we had red with Mrs Parker and my group. The Venn Diagram shows the difference between New Zealand and Seoul. As you can see, New Zealand and Seoul are very different, Seoul doesn't wear shoes inside, only outside, but unlike New Zealand we wear shoes inside and outside. The kids from Seoul loved the food in New Zealand, but they still missed the spicy food back in Korea, they had said "We are a real kiwi kids now!" I found it difficult to find the information and try to fit them into the Venn Diagram.

Four day weekend

Hey, guess what I did in my four day week end? There was a four day weekend last week for Glenbrae School Students and Teachers. The last day of school was on Friday and didn't come back till Wednesday. On Saturday and Sunday was the usual weekend but on Monday was the Queen’s birthday and on Tuesday was teachers only day, so we had a four day weekend. I went to my cousins house and had a lot of fun, my Grandma came to visit and my mum and I went to an open home.

In my four day weekend, on Saturday my Uncle dropped me at my cousins house after school, and we play a lot. We played tag, what is tag you might ask? Tag is a game, you could play rock, paper, scissors for who's going to be the tagger and the other players have to run away and hope they don’t get tagged, but eventually they’re going to get tagged. We also played stick cricket, well it’s in the name of the game, stick cricket, we used a stick instead of a cricket bat, because we lost our cricket bat. But we had a ball, so we used that and a stick. It was my turn to bat so my cousin through the ball. We all had turns and had fun.

The next day, (skipped one day) it was Monday and my Grandma came to visit, it’s very fun when my Grandma is at my house because she is very funny and she always plays with me. We colour in pictures, and do some stretches in the morning, it’s really funny. Then after, when it’s around 6:30 or darker, we watch some movies that are sometimes a comedy or an horror, I like the horror movies but my Grandma likes the comedy movies.

On Sunday, my mum and I went to a open home that we saw on Harcourt. We are looking for a new house to buy because our house right now, isn't working for us any more. We had gone there about 3:45 so we could get a parking, the real estate man opens the house at 4:00. People couldn't wait to get in and see the house, they were waiting at the front gate and it was still 3:50, there was 10 minutes left. Meanwhile we were waiting on the car, me and my mum were getting excited.

It was a calm weekend for me, no rushing and going everywhere. It was really fun playing at my cousins house although, the ball had hit my leg really hard, so I got a bruise. My Grandma is still young, so she can play with me and do a lot of fun exercises and some other activities. The open house was really big and it looked so fancy, I really like the house but it would be a huge step in our life because I might switch schools and that would be really sad, it’s quite far away from school. It’s amazing though, it even has a spa!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Me and my other friends, Whitney, Tamati, Nirvana and Fasi had made
this awesome presentation about our Scavenger Hunt. We took these photos
around school with the class Ipad, I wasn't in these photos because I was
taking the photos. I found it difficult to be creative about taking the photos.
We also watched a video on Youtube about the Rule Of Thirds, you could
also watch this on Youtube too.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Why actions speak louder than words

Actions speak louder than words, because
when you say “I like your shoes” and you make
a angry face with an angry tone in your voice the
the person your talking too, wouldn't feel that
you mean it.

The proper way you can do it is to say the right words, with the right tone and you have to look happy. You have to say it and mean it, they’ll appreciate it.

Body Language: 55%
How you say it: 38%
What you say: 7%
Let me tell you about the POLES of respect.
You can see POLES is all in capitals that’s
because it’s stands for...

Property - When a teacher says put away your net books, you do it straight away. Stack them up or put them in the middle of the table so you don’t play with it, the zip makes a very annoying sound and no one would like to hear.

Others - If you borrowed a T-shirt from a friend, you must give it to them when they ask for it. Don’t say you’ll bring it tomorrow and never do. They might say “bring it tomorrow” you have to bring it tomorrow, if you remember but don’t want to give it, you have to give it back. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY.

Learning - While your on the mat, and a teacher says “listen actively” you don’t just sit up and not listen. You listen actively by looking at the speaker, listening to the speaker, sit up straight, don’t fidget, don’t talk to anyone and fold your hands and legs. It might sound like a lot of instructions to do, but trust me it’s going to help you learn more.

Environment - A teacher can ask you to pick up a piece of rubbish. You must listen, pick it up and put it into the right bin. You can also respect the environment by NOT standing on the plants and flowers. Remember it’s about staying true to your word, if you say you are going to do something then do it!

Self - By respecting yourself is all of the above. Respecting yourself is by looking after your property and others. Respecting yourself is being kind and helpful to others. Respecting yourself is learning to achieve goals and get higher in your grades. Respecting yourself, looking after the environment by picking up rubbish even if it’s not yours, and you can get yourself some house points!

WALT: use conjunctions to extend sentences.

SC: use conjunctions to add more detail to an idea.