Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Reflection from 2015

This year I did my learning with Mrs Parker in a net-book classroom using Google Drive.

Having a net-book made it easier to make sure that my work is tidy. We can also just backspace the wrong writing, rather than having to find an eraser and erasing it out, which leaves a mess too.

This year I learned short cuts to use on technology (eg: copy and paste). I also learnt the definitions and correct spelling for more advanced words.

I did research on planets (Mostly Venus) and our solar system, different languages, descriptive words and much more.

The thing I enjoyed learning about the most was about the solar system, because it is good to know about our planet and know what will be expected to happen.

I still want to learn more about planets, because I really just want to know everything about it.

The class trip/activity I enjoyed most this year was the Stardome trip, because I learnt that on Matariki day, we can see shapes of Maui’s fish hook. We can also see the other planets like Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Mercury and Venus. There were a lot more other shaped stars too!

I am proud of the way I comment one another’s blog's from our school, or other schools.

Next year I am going to get a higher level in my subjects, especially Maths.

Mum's Cafe Menu

For Financial Literacy, my group and I had to order some food like breakfast, mains, dessert, sides and beverages (that all had a prise) from this Menu below. Everyone of us had $25 each to spend. In the end we had to total up our own prise, and then total up everyone's prise.

If you had $25 dollars to spare, what would you spend it on using the Menu below?

1.Corn on a cob- $3.00
2. Soft Drink- $2.00
3.Ham & Cheese toasted sandwich- $5.95
4.Ice-Cream Sundae- $5.50

Total- $16.45

1.Hot chips-$4.00
2.Apple pie-$6.00
3.Pancakes/Maple Syrup-$9.50
4.Soft Drink-$2.00


1.Potato Salad-$3.50
2.Ice-cream Sundae-$5.50
3.Orange Juice-$2.00
4.Hawaiian Pizza-$4.65

Total $15.65    
Change- $9.35    

1.Potato Salad-$3.50
2.Soft Drink-$2.00
3.Ham and Cheese Toasted sandwich-$5.95
4.Chocolate Brownie-$6.00


Group total- $70.95

How many change? Altogether our change was $32.40

Did we have enough money in the end? Yes

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sports with Tamaki College

On a very hot and sunny day, Tamaki College came over to play some sports with us, that they learnt about from their coach.

We went in groups of twelve first. When we got to the field we firstly played a game of octopus to warm ourselves up. When we played octopus, there were 3 taggers and apart from the taggers we had to run the to the other side where the cone is, because that's the safe place where you can’t get tagged. When you get tagged, you have to be seaweed, you have to stand in one place without moving, trying to tag anyone that runs past.

After that, we played a game called Moon Ball with this big blue ball which people use for Yoga. This game was kinda similar to Rugby, but using a different ball. The two groups had to run to the middle of the field which where the ball was and grab it to take it to the cone, and we had to push the ball to bump people off to get through, it was also kind of funny.


For Maths, we made a Pictograph using Google Drawings, I  made this to show how much fruit we ate this week, including today. (Half a fruit equals just one piece of fruit).

Graphic Organiser

For Reading I made this Graphic Organiser about black holes.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sensational Chocolate!!

Sensational Chocolate!!
Today for Writing, we did something a little different… Mrs Parker had made this amazing chocolate tart, and posted a picture of the lovely dish, that she shared with her neighbours and husband, on Twitter.

When she posted that picture, she also tagged Whittaker's in
her tweet. Whittaker's got to see that post and contacted Mrs Parker.
She wanted to post this image on Facebook, and if Mrs Parker said
yes, she would deliver boxes of chocolates. So Mrs Parker had agreed and she did send her a boxes of chocolate. Mrs Parker said that she is a teacher and she would like to share some with her students, us!

She sent a lot, but we only got to taste the Hokey Pokey
chocolate. Mrs Parker wanted us to describe the chocolate for Writing , because for Writing we are learning to describe and use interesting words so as look at the chocolate, smell the chocolate, feel the 
chocolate and then finally eat the chocolate. It smelt like cocoa, felt like slimy when it melted. When we ate it, we let it melt on on tongues. When all the chocolate melted like a chocolate waterfall, I could feel the Hokey Pokey bits on my tongue, which felt like crystal eggs and when we bit it, it sounded crunchy!

The next day, we got to taste another chocolate. We tasted the raspberry and cookie crumble one, but it was actually called Berry Biscuit, which smelt like Cadbury's Black Forest chocolate, but better.

WALT: Write with figurative language
SC: Use adjectives and similes to describe a flavour

photo 2 (15).JPG
This is a picture of Mrs Parker's Chocolate Tart.

If I were to make a Chocolate flavour, it’ll be Coconut and Raspberry bits with Milk Chocolate. I think it’ll make a great suit together.