Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Describing Gabriella

Her full name is Gabriella Gordon but her nickname is Gabi. Gabi has light blue eyes like her fancy light blue nails and she has really long eyelashes. She has short blonde hair but she ties it up and her ponytail is curly, she has a straight fringe on the side of her face. She has a great sense of fashion, she practically has a shop in her room. She is skinny but she is also short so she wears high heels. Gabi is also very smart, when ever she gets money back, she can quickly count how much she is supposed to get so they don’t try and trick her. Gabi is confident and is always willing to talk to anyone. Gabi thinks everybody is beautiful in their own way and no should be treated like dirt, she thinks that way because she used to get bullied at school, but now she makes vines and she is quite famous. Gabi has a beautiful smile, she also has a dimple on both sides of her cheeks, she has soft lips and she suits all lipstick colours, when Gabi smiles her bottom lip sticks out, but it’s cute. She has curved ears and has beautiful earrings. She always gives really good advice about friendship, relationships and basically anything so you can always count on her. If you move into a new house call Gabi up, she will decorate your house into something brand new. Gabriella has a smile that can lighten up anyone’s day.

I am writing a story about Gabi, so keep an eye out for my story. It will be on my blog, I hope you enjoy it.


Stephanie Parker said...

I enjoyed reading this character description you should be proud of this. Very creative and descriptive.

shannon said...

Thank you Mrs Parker.

shannon said...
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