Thursday, 13 August 2015

Looking after our teeth

Today, the 13th of August 2015 Cynthia and Mr Cop came to visit our school and teach us how to keep our teeth clean and antibacterial. Mr Cop was really just filming her teaching us, but that’s good so other people can see this and keep their teeth nice and clean as well.

  • Me and a few other people learnt that when your mum is pregnant and she has clean and fresh teeth, their baby will have the same teeth as their mum. And if your mum doesn’t have nice teeth and they’re rotten, then there's a chance you will have the same teeth as your mums.

  • We also learnt that newborn babies can only drink breast milk because they don’t have teeth yet. About 5 months later the baby can eat soft and mashed food, make sure there is no sugar in it because it can ruin the baby's teeth while he/she is still very young.

  • Flossing teeth is very important. You should floss every morning and night to get the food out of your teeth. Cynthia said if you don’t have floss then you can use the strings from the onion bag, but first you have to boil the bag then you can use it.

  • At the end she talked about how much teaspoons of sugar was in bottles of fizzy drink and we were a bit surprised. We also learnt that Coca-Cola is the most sold item (16 tsp of sugar per bottle) in 33, 000 supermarkets.

  • Cynthia also said make sure you brush gently, not to hard and ruff because that can cause bleeding gums. And also make sure you brush in the front and in the back of both top and bottom sets of teeth, also brush your tongue. At the end we asked some questions.


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