Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tokyo 2020 Logo Design

For the Winter Learning Journey, one of our weekly activities said that we had to use a website called 'Designmantic' to make a logo for the next Summer Olympic Games, Tokyo 2020. 
My design is simple, it is a small Rabbit, but the Rabbit's shadow shows more.. that it is big, tough and not just some little Rabbit you can mess around with. There is strength in that little Rabbit, which also means there is strength in the athletes.


The 3 Most Popular Places in NZ to visit!

Sky Tower:

Of course the most POPULAR place in New Zealand will have to be the Sky Tower! It is placed in the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets, Auckland City, New Zealand. I think it is really popular, because it is the highest tower in New Zealand, but not only is it the highest tower in New Zealand.. it is the highest man-made tower in the Southern Hemisphere! It is 328 metres, (1,076 ft tall).

One Tree Hill:

One Tree Hill is placed in the North Island, New Zealand. It is 182 metres (597 ft tall). One Tree Hill is a memorial place for both Maori and New Zealanders. I think it's famous, because it has a really nice view to look at up there and because it's a memorial place.

Harbour Bridge:

The Harbour Bridge has 8 lanes for cars to drive on. It is 1,020 metres (3,348 ft tall) and is 43.27 metres above water. I think the Harbour Bridge is famous, because it is the longest road bridge in New Zealand and the view up there is amazing!

Try and spot the Sky Tower in this photo!

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #3

During the last episode of Tom and Vinicius' Videos.. Tom and Vinicius were, I guess, looking for a nice place to take some photos. Then they came across 3 little creatures, one purple, one yellow and one green.
The 3 creatures had a camera, so instantly Tom and Vinicius pose for the photo, but the purple one signaled them to move back a bit, because they were to close to the camera! They moved back and posed again. But she still denied, she signaled them again, and again, then reached the point of them falling off the cliff! But luckily Tom, the Monkey, was flexible enough to make a parachute of himself, while Vinicius sat on him like a boss!

They landed to see the 3 cheeky creatures rowing their boat across the river, so Vinicius reached into his "hair" and pulled out two little boats to chase after them. Once they got to shore, two of the creatures went windsurfing, the yellow one stayed back to offer Tom and Vinicius a parachute.

Tom, Vinicius and the 3 creatures all "windsurfed" to a higher place with nice views! But they didn't even take a photo, and neither were they cheeky... they were just trying to get them to a better view. After all of that they danced all day and night.


The 3 Creatures!!
They lived happily ever after.

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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #2

During the Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #2, the two besties were looking for a place to stay. Tom the Monkey thought he could sleep inside a piece of log, but surprise, surprise, there were Centipedes in there crawling all over his head, GROSS! So he ran away screaming his head off. While he was doing that, the plant, Vinicius, thought he could sleep in a hole of a tree, but surprise, surprise, there was one BIG angry Owl in there picking on his to get out!

Later on, they found a place to stay.. away from the Centipedes and the angry Owl. They both ran into each other again.. like they did in the first episode! When they did bump into each other they also bumped into a little bird-house. Tom thought of staying in a tree-house now, but Vinicius didn't want too. Vinicius wanted to live on the the pond, but Tom didn't want too.

Tom looked to the side and saw... a tree with a pond in front of it, perfect! Now Tom can sleep up in the tree-house while Vinicius sleeps on the lake. They quickly built their places.. when they were done, it was about dark time, so they decided they would sleep now. So they did.. but they couldn't! Because they felt lonely, Tom and Vinicius got out of bed and got outside.. Tom went to hang on the branch to sleep, while Vinicius slept on the pod under him.


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This is where they were going to
build their house!

Vinicius and his SPECIAL friend aka the Angry Owl.

That face you make when you realize there's a MASSIVE
Centipede on your head.

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #1

During Episode #1 of Tom and Vinicius, a yellow Monkey was just minding himself until he saw a yellow glowing ball floating around, so obviously he tries to chase after it. While he was doing that, some other kind of creature that looked like a plant was also intrigued by the glowing ball, I mean who wouldn't be?

They both had to go through a lot of chaos to get them, like getting stuck in a tree, grabbing a Snake by accident... but eventually they had to meet up so the glowing balls both came together and without hesitation they both run up, jump and try to catch it on top of a hill, but they high-fived the glowing ball into disappearance, so the glowing ball was gone now. But they didn't seem to care about it anymore.

They introduced themselves to each other by a pretty weird and awesome handshake, and to end it off.. they both jumped off the cliff.


                                                            Click Here To Watch Video!

No Girls Allowed?

During the ancient Olympics, men were allowed to play, but girls weren't... We weren't even allowed to WATCH! 

I think that "rule" was absolutely ridiculous and unfair to girls, they have something in common with boys... they are HUMAN. Some may not have been as "strong" as men, but they should at least gave them a chance to show them what they could do. They were treating girls like second-class people, that's not what they were. Girls can do anything boys can do!

Milo of Croton - 3 Interesting Facts

Here are 3 Interesting facts about Milo of Croton:
  • He won seven crowns (Instead of Gold Medals, the winner had a palm leaf places in their hands and a crown placed on their head to show who the winner was).
  • He saved a philosopher's life when a roof was about to collapse on him.. Milo then married the philosopher's daughter, Myia.
  • The date of Milo's date is unknown. It was reported that Milo was attempting to tear apart a tree when his hands got stuck in a crack of the trunk, and there was a pack of wolves that ate him.

Ancient Horse Riding - Why?

For our Winter Learning Journey / Holiday Programme, the website says "Imagine that you were alive 2792 years ago and invited to compete in the first ever ancient Olympic Games. Which of these events: running, wrestling, boxing, pankration, horse racing and pentathlon would you compete in?"

I chose horse racing, because it looks a lot more safer than the other types of sports, and I think having Horses involved with your job is awesome and I've never rode a Horse before, so it would be a good experience, and could be a good life lesson for me.

By Shannon