Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #3

During the last episode of Tom and Vinicius' Videos.. Tom and Vinicius were, I guess, looking for a nice place to take some photos. Then they came across 3 little creatures, one purple, one yellow and one green.
The 3 creatures had a camera, so instantly Tom and Vinicius pose for the photo, but the purple one signaled them to move back a bit, because they were to close to the camera! They moved back and posed again. But she still denied, she signaled them again, and again, then reached the point of them falling off the cliff! But luckily Tom, the Monkey, was flexible enough to make a parachute of himself, while Vinicius sat on him like a boss!

They landed to see the 3 cheeky creatures rowing their boat across the river, so Vinicius reached into his "hair" and pulled out two little boats to chase after them. Once they got to shore, two of the creatures went windsurfing, the yellow one stayed back to offer Tom and Vinicius a parachute.

Tom, Vinicius and the 3 creatures all "windsurfed" to a higher place with nice views! But they didn't even take a photo, and neither were they cheeky... they were just trying to get them to a better view. After all of that they danced all day and night.


The 3 Creatures!!
They lived happily ever after.

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