Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #2

During the Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #2, the two besties were looking for a place to stay. Tom the Monkey thought he could sleep inside a piece of log, but surprise, surprise, there were Centipedes in there crawling all over his head, GROSS! So he ran away screaming his head off. While he was doing that, the plant, Vinicius, thought he could sleep in a hole of a tree, but surprise, surprise, there was one BIG angry Owl in there picking on his to get out!

Later on, they found a place to stay.. away from the Centipedes and the angry Owl. They both ran into each other again.. like they did in the first episode! When they did bump into each other they also bumped into a little bird-house. Tom thought of staying in a tree-house now, but Vinicius didn't want too. Vinicius wanted to live on the the pond, but Tom didn't want too.

Tom looked to the side and saw... a tree with a pond in front of it, perfect! Now Tom can sleep up in the tree-house while Vinicius sleeps on the lake. They quickly built their places.. when they were done, it was about dark time, so they decided they would sleep now. So they did.. but they couldn't! Because they felt lonely, Tom and Vinicius got out of bed and got outside.. Tom went to hang on the branch to sleep, while Vinicius slept on the pod under him.


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This is where they were going to
build their house!

Vinicius and his SPECIAL friend aka the Angry Owl.

That face you make when you realize there's a MASSIVE
Centipede on your head.


Rachel Williamson said...

Wow, Shannon, this is so detailed. You have done an exceptional job truly exceptional. Well done! I love the pictures that you have posted to accompany the text. I had to laugh when I read the caption for the bottom picture, "That face you make when you realize there's a MASSIVE centipede on your head." That's hilarious!

Keep up the amazing work, Shannon!

Cheers, Rachel

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