Thursday, 19 May 2016

Keep your Cat inside

Title: Keep Your Cat Inside
Author: Mike Tapp
WALT: Summarise stories for our Reciprocal Reading.

This article is about pet cats escaping from the house, and eating other animals and invertebrates like Mice, Birds, Insects and Geckos. Scientists put Kittycam’s on some Cats to see where they go at night while their owners are sleeping. The Scientists also found out that they eat NZ native birds and insects, like Weta’s.

Scientists have to cut open stray Cats just to find out what they ate, or they either wait for the Cat droppings and they look very carefully for pieces of animals like Mice, but it is kind of difficult, because their is also Cat food in the droppings. It is kind of hard to find the Cat droppings, because they tend to hide it.

  • Study 1 result, Cats have killed: 314 mice, 267 birds, 183 skinks, 67 rats, 64 insects, 8 geckos, 3 rabbits and 1 stoat.
  • 43% of the animals that the pet Cats killed were native to New Zealand.
  • Pet Cats killed more birds, skinks, geckos and wetas than rats and mice.