Friday, 29 May 2015

Post card to family

Our reading tasks has been about the war, so we had to make a post card to send home.
In the other reading task, we had to find all the positives and negatives about the New Zealand at war story. There were a lot of negatives. I found it difficult to find all the information in the story.
The address is NOT real.

WALT: Organise information and make conclusions
SC: Describe conditions and happenings of world war 1 in a letter to family.

Here is a link to the story we had red about with my group.
New Zealand at War School Journal June 2014. p. 2

Friday, 22 May 2015

Grandpa, what did you do in the war?

In poetry a verse is a paragraph. In verse 2 and 4, made me feel nervous because he was thinking about all the bad memories at war. Grandpa’s mind shot back 50 years. Grandpa didn't tell his Grandson about the first memories that came to mind, he told him about all the good memories.

I found it hard to find the right images for the descriptions but I enjoyed it. I also found it difficult to answer the questions in full sentences and make it sound interesting.

Here is the link to the story that my group had red about.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015


On Wednesday the 13th Glenbrae School seniors went to MOTAT. First, Room 7 went on a bus to get to MOTAT. Room 7, 9 and 10 came on the trip with us. We went to MOTAT so we could learn about World War 1, technology and the story of ANZAC day.

We arrived at MOTAT, Katherine, our educator led us the way to the hall which is where we have our morning tea and lunch. After Katherine welcomed us and explained the rules and instructions, we got into our groups.

I was in Mrs Card’s group and along with us was Whitney, Nirvana, Trent, Amelia, Fasi and Salesi. The first place we went to was a place where there was trains and ship engines. Mrs Card asked some questions like, “what kind of engine is this?” So we looked at the signs that said it was a ship's engine.

After that, we went to the Telecommunications place. I think everyone enjoyed that place the most because there were telephones and you could speak to the other person on the other side of the room.

Next, our group was gathered so we could go to the see the fire engines. Mrs Card took out her phone so we could take a photo by the fire engines.  Meanwhile Mrs Parker and her group were in the room next to us (different rooms), looking at the gear they used to use in the olden days.

Then, the fun olden day shops! They were so cool. In the first shop there was bread, pies and what is normally in a bakery. A mannequin was dressed as the shopkeeper of the bakery and he was holding a piece of bread. It looked so realistic, I couldn’t believe it.

When we came out of the shop, there was a water pump outside so we went and tried it. We pulled the handle so we could push the handle down and the water would come out then goes through this pipe to get in a big wooden box with a twist ties fence over it.

There was another shop of clothes but only me and Nirvana went in there because we sneaked in, while the rest of the group was busy playing with the water pump.

Moments later, when they finally stopped playing with the water pump, we had gone into a room of olden day washing machines, stoves, and a dryer but it’s not like the dryers we have now it’s very different, it’s like Spongebob’s dryer.

There was a stock! We headed towards the stocks and we were so excited to try it. If you don’t know what a stock is, it’s a kind of jail they used to use back in  the days. You put your head and hands into the stock and I’m pretty sure they throw rotten tomatoes at you and there was another one but you had to put your hands and legs in it.

After, we went to the Church then we went to see the cars and we had to find out which car was the oldest and which car was the newest. Everyone in the school all wanted to go to the mirror maze, students were very confused and some students found the way out but went back into the mirror maze.

Yay! Our group and the other two groups came with us to the challenge zone. People got so addicted they didn’t want to go, but eventually we all got out of there.

Before lunch, we had gone on a tram ride with the tram driver, Denis. We found our seats and sat down, but before we could go, Denis told us some information about trams and he asked some questions. I found some new information about trams.

Then we had lunch. We had our lunch and Room 7 went with Katherine to a room where there was activities to do about ANZAC, I was filming all the awesome parts.

Finally, we had to go back to school. I felt very excited and amazed to be going to MOTAT and it was so much fun.

Monday, 18 May 2015

My digital footprint

In ten years time Mrs Raj and Mrs Parker will see a positive digital footprint I have created myself. They will be proud of me. I will be rich and famous because I'll be singing, going on tour and meeting famous celebrities.

Thursday, 7 May 2015

You know what I did in my school holidays?

School Holidays!
Guess what I did in the school holidays?! Well during the school holidays, my mum, grandma and I went to the Warehouse at Sylvia Park around 2:00pm. We went to the Warehouse to do some winter shopping.

Next, we travelled there in a car. So we bought some onesies, jackets, warm and comfortable long grey and black pants, we didn’t do a big shopping, just bought a few clothes and I brought some chocolate too!

After that, my mum finally brought us some food from Hollywood, it’s a restaurant that sells Hollywood food, it’s a great store with yummy food.

The Beach!
About a few days ago I went to the beach with my family. Mum, dad, grandma and I. We went to a beach that I've never been there before and they wanted me to go there so I agreed. When we got there we got out the mat, food, pillows and my soccer ball. When we finished eating, playing and doing a lot of fun stuff at the beach with my family, we headed back home.

My mum and I went to the Sylvia Park, Hoyts to watch Fast and Furious 7,
I was dying to watch Fast and Furious 7 and it was worth it because it was so awesome! I wish I could watch it again but it’s going to come on television about 6 months later anyway, the next movie I want to watch is

Pitch Perfect 2 and we might see it soon, like maybe today!

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Basketball with Coach Channel

Today Tuesday 5th of May, Room 7 and Channel learned some basketball skills on the Glenbrae School court. Firstly we had to pair up with a partner and my partner was Setaita, we played ball handling to warm up. Ball handling was quite easy but some parts were hard, to play all you have to do is circle the ball around your legs, the girls had to do it 5 times and the boys had to do it 10 times. We also circled the ball around our stomachs, that was quite difficult. After that you had to circle the ball around your legs and around your stomach. Next we did a few more like putting the ball through your legs 5 times for boys and girls.

When we were done doing our warm up, we played Ship Shark Shore and if your not familiar with that game then I’ll tell you more about it, Ship Shark Shore is a tiring game because you had to dribble the ball back and forth from the middle of the court. If Coach Channel yells out Ship! you run to the field as fast as you can and run back because if your the last one to get back to the line then your out, if Coach yells Shore! You run to the Junior block and finally when Coach yells out Shark! You can run anyway you want, either to the field or the junior block.
After that tiring game, we played dribble tag and you had to find a partner before we played. In dribble tag we had to dribble a ball while trying to tag your partner, the tagger has a more harder job because they have to dribble the ball, keep an eye of the other taggers and their partners, they power walk and keep an eye on your partner because they might be hiding and you can’t see them. If you were the partner of the tagger then your job is to power walk, keep an eye on your partner and also watch out so you don’t bump into anyone too.

Later we played Octopus! Everyone knows that game in our class but there was a twist, that twist was that the taggers had to dribble the ball and tag the students that were running to the cone. The taggers had a hard job because it was difficult to dribble the ball without holding it (that’s called traveling, no it’s not the traveling were your in a vehicle)
and trying to focus on the ball and also trying to tag the students that are running to get to the end where the cone is. If you get tagged then your a seaweed.

Finally, when we were finished we collected the basketballs and putted it in the bags. After putting the basketballs in the bags we put our hands in and yelled as loud as we could “ROOM 7!!!” that was really fun and I always enjoy basketball, did you know it’s my favourite sport?

WALT: Write adding detail to add interest

Monday, 4 May 2015

Nominating my mum

Miss Elia
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes

4 May 2015

Dear Miss Elia

I would love to nominate my Mum Moana for the Mothers’ Day Duffy Book Award because she is the best! My Mum is so awesome, she pays for my netbook, she makes me delicious food for school and at home, she is funny too! All her jokes are hilarious.

My Mum does a lot of wonderful things for me and others, she encourages me and she feels so blessed to have a grateful child by her side. She is so amazing no words can describe her.

My Mum deserves the Duffy Book Award because without her I wouldn't be writing this letter right now. She is beautiful, loving and I got to admit she is probably the best Mum in the world. I love my Mum so much. Can you please, please, please give the Duffy Book Award to my Mum and I would be so thankful to you.

Thanking you
Flower, Mother'S Day,
Yours sincerely

Room 7

Friday, 1 May 2015

Reflection from math

When we were on the mat with Mrs Parker (Our teacher) we did maths and we used paper to make fractions. We folded them into halves and quarters, way more till 32 squares. I enjoyed folding the paper and doing it as a group.