Monday, 4 May 2015

Nominating my mum

Miss Elia
Glenbrae School
103 Leybourne Circle
Glen Innes

4 May 2015

Dear Miss Elia

I would love to nominate my Mum Moana for the Mothers’ Day Duffy Book Award because she is the best! My Mum is so awesome, she pays for my netbook, she makes me delicious food for school and at home, she is funny too! All her jokes are hilarious.

My Mum does a lot of wonderful things for me and others, she encourages me and she feels so blessed to have a grateful child by her side. She is so amazing no words can describe her.

My Mum deserves the Duffy Book Award because without her I wouldn't be writing this letter right now. She is beautiful, loving and I got to admit she is probably the best Mum in the world. I love my Mum so much. Can you please, please, please give the Duffy Book Award to my Mum and I would be so thankful to you.

Thanking you
Flower, Mother'S Day,
Yours sincerely

Room 7


Stephanie Parker said...

Lovely tribute to your mum Shannon! Good luck with your nomination.

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