Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Basketball with Coach Channel

Today Tuesday 5th of May, Room 7 and Channel learned some basketball skills on the Glenbrae School court. Firstly we had to pair up with a partner and my partner was Setaita, we played ball handling to warm up. Ball handling was quite easy but some parts were hard, to play all you have to do is circle the ball around your legs, the girls had to do it 5 times and the boys had to do it 10 times. We also circled the ball around our stomachs, that was quite difficult. After that you had to circle the ball around your legs and around your stomach. Next we did a few more like putting the ball through your legs 5 times for boys and girls.

When we were done doing our warm up, we played Ship Shark Shore and if your not familiar with that game then I’ll tell you more about it, Ship Shark Shore is a tiring game because you had to dribble the ball back and forth from the middle of the court. If Coach Channel yells out Ship! you run to the field as fast as you can and run back because if your the last one to get back to the line then your out, if Coach yells Shore! You run to the Junior block and finally when Coach yells out Shark! You can run anyway you want, either to the field or the junior block.
After that tiring game, we played dribble tag and you had to find a partner before we played. In dribble tag we had to dribble a ball while trying to tag your partner, the tagger has a more harder job because they have to dribble the ball, keep an eye of the other taggers and their partners, they power walk and keep an eye on your partner because they might be hiding and you can’t see them. If you were the partner of the tagger then your job is to power walk, keep an eye on your partner and also watch out so you don’t bump into anyone too.

Later we played Octopus! Everyone knows that game in our class but there was a twist, that twist was that the taggers had to dribble the ball and tag the students that were running to the cone. The taggers had a hard job because it was difficult to dribble the ball without holding it (that’s called traveling, no it’s not the traveling were your in a vehicle)
and trying to focus on the ball and also trying to tag the students that are running to get to the end where the cone is. If you get tagged then your a seaweed.

Finally, when we were finished we collected the basketballs and putted it in the bags. After putting the basketballs in the bags we put our hands in and yelled as loud as we could “ROOM 7!!!” that was really fun and I always enjoy basketball, did you know it’s my favourite sport?

WALT: Write adding detail to add interest


Stephanie Parker said...

Brilliant recount Shannon.
Remember to post the WALT and SC too. This helps the reader read your text carefully and give better feedback in their commenting.
I like how you detailed each game and highlighted the difference between this game of Octopus and the usual version.

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