Thursday, 11 June 2015

Annyong means "Hi!"

In our reading task, we had red a story about kids from South Korea, Seoul. They had moved to New Zealand permanently. We had made a Venn Diagram about the story we had red with Mrs Parker and my group. The Venn Diagram shows the difference between New Zealand and Seoul. As you can see, New Zealand and Seoul are very different, Seoul doesn't wear shoes inside, only outside, but unlike New Zealand we wear shoes inside and outside. The kids from Seoul loved the food in New Zealand, but they still missed the spicy food back in Korea, they had said "We are a real kiwi kids now!" I found it difficult to find the information and try to fit them into the Venn Diagram.


Stephanie Parker said...

Nice work Shannon, you've found differences and similarities between NZ and Seoul, Korea. Do you think it sounds like an interesting place to visit? Did you know Mrs Adcock lived there for a while, you might like to ask her more about it.
Mrs Parker

shannon said...

Yes, if I have the time to talk to Mrs Adcock, I will ask her about her visit at Seoul.

shannon said...
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