Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Tom and Vinicius Video Episode #1

During Episode #1 of Tom and Vinicius, a yellow Monkey was just minding himself until he saw a yellow glowing ball floating around, so obviously he tries to chase after it. While he was doing that, some other kind of creature that looked like a plant was also intrigued by the glowing ball, I mean who wouldn't be?

They both had to go through a lot of chaos to get them, like getting stuck in a tree, grabbing a Snake by accident... but eventually they had to meet up so the glowing balls both came together and without hesitation they both run up, jump and try to catch it on top of a hill, but they high-fived the glowing ball into disappearance, so the glowing ball was gone now. But they didn't seem to care about it anymore.

They introduced themselves to each other by a pretty weird and awesome handshake, and to end it off.. they both jumped off the cliff.


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