Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Sports with Tamaki College

On a very hot and sunny day, Tamaki College came over to play some sports with us, that they learnt about from their coach.

We went in groups of twelve first. When we got to the field we firstly played a game of octopus to warm ourselves up. When we played octopus, there were 3 taggers and apart from the taggers we had to run the to the other side where the cone is, because that's the safe place where you can’t get tagged. When you get tagged, you have to be seaweed, you have to stand in one place without moving, trying to tag anyone that runs past.

After that, we played a game called Moon Ball with this big blue ball which people use for Yoga. This game was kinda similar to Rugby, but using a different ball. The two groups had to run to the middle of the field which where the ball was and grab it to take it to the cone, and we had to push the ball to bump people off to get through, it was also kind of funny.


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