Thursday, 2 July 2015

Inquiry Road Show

Today Glenbrae School had our inquiry road show. This is when all the classes share what they have learned during the term. We share our learning by creating presentations, posters, diagrams and hands-on activities. I enjoyed Room 10's project, because they made slime, but it smelt like amazing perfume. Nearly everyone got high five of slime on their hands, the slime was blue and to make the slime blue, they used food blue colouring. The slime had little jelly parts in it, but I didn't like that. So I think that was the best, but we didn't learn anything. So aside the slime project, I think that the Quiz from Room 10 was interesting as well. My Teina from Room 4, that I had to look after said "Could you play this game?" so I did play the game. The Quiz was to fill in the blanks as fast as you can from 0 to 20. I got it done in 9 seconds!


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