Thursday, 30 July 2015

Aliens Invade Earth Story

For our Reading task, we read about a Alien Invasion and it was about a messed up bathroom all set up for the Aliens. E.g: The toothpaste tube was squeezed out from the tube so they can suck from it, he left his towel on the floor so the Aliens have a safe landing through the window, left the tap running for the Aliens because it was a long trip from Arcturus. During this story me and my group learnt more about sentence layouts and structures, mostly about irony for this Reading task. I found it difficult explain the meanings of each word and to think about more of the insects and what they eat.


Stephanie Parker said...

Great work on your kitchen poem. What a horrid mess the kitchen would be with ants bees flies and moths... good thing this poem is ironic!

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