Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Stardome Trip

On Thursday Glenbrae School seniors have been learning about planets, so we had gone to Stardome to learn more and I did!

When we arrived at Stardome, on a bus, we firstly had a little bit to snack on before we could go inside. After lunch, Room 9 and 10 went to play on the playground, while we went inside.

Our class, Room 7 and the other class Room 8 had looked around first, before we could go into the observatory classroom. When we entered, we could see some displays of planets. That plastic Jupiter ball was so huge, imagine how big it would be to see in real life. We explored more of the place, and there was a astronaut cardboard with a face hole, so we could see what we would look like “wearing” an astronaut suit. There were a couple of games we could play about Aliens, Reflection, and there were some information about our solar system and satellite dishes in space, we could read about.   

Moments later, we were called in the observatory room. Our Stardome teacher, taught us more about the seasons, like how Earth is just like the Goldilocks story, because we are not so close to the Sun or not to far from it. We learnt a lot more, but right now I’m going to type about the fun and interesting part.
When we entered the Room, we could see a big dome. I guess that's why it’s called Stardome. It looked really small from outside, but when we got inside, it was so LARGE! After we got over how awesome it was, the Stardome teacher explained some exits, if there was an emergency. Next, we found a seat to watch the movie, but first of all, the teacher showed us the what the stars look like when Matariki occurs, you can see seven stars all close together and you can see Maui’s fish hook… There were a lot more other shapes of stars. There was a blue and red star together, that is shaped like an arrow, which is pointing to a cross. We could see some Planets from Earth, like Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury.

Okay okay, enough about that. We then watched the video that was about a girl making her science project about the solar system (her Earth wasn’t on a tilt), when her little brother came in playing with his rocket and robot toys. Her little brother was intrigued by her science project so he approached her… He asked her what she was doing, but while he was doing so, he was playing with his rocket and totally broke plastic Earth, so it was hanging down. When it happened, it started to rain leaves in the house. Then the next thing you know, her little brother’s rocket took them into space to see why we have seasons. When they stopped, his robot came alive too, they were in such a shock, but then he started to talk and told them the Earth was on a tilt, so that is why we have seasons. They also went exploring around and about and learnt that the higher the Sun is in the sky, the hotter is, so the lower it is then the cooler it gets. We learnt a lot!

When we finished watching that awesome little movie, we finally went to play on the playground.


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