Friday, 4 September 2015

Glenbrae School is the best in the world!

WALT: Write an argument
SC: Have three reasons why Glenbrae school is the best school, and support each reason with facts or examples. 

Glenbrae School is the best School is the world, because we have lots of sports, clean and tidy uniform and provided food for people who forgot their lunch.

Glenbrae School is very lucky to have the Warriors coming to teach us Rugby League. But everytime they’re teaching other classes, we look outside and watch their game. During our tournaments with other School’s we bate Bailey Road School and we became third place, it may not be first but it’s better than being fourth place. Year 5-8 went to a Netball tournament, and we came third! For us that is a very good score for the year fives. Every Tuesday we have coaches that teach us new skills about Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Touch, Rugby and Athletics.

Students from Glenbrae School have cereal every morning in the hall, like Weet-Bix and Corn Flakes with some delicious Milo. If you don’t have morning-tea or lunch, you can always go to the office and they’ll give you some food for lunch. For lunch we get a sandwich, a Nut bar and some mixed fruits or sometimes mango and peaches. In the morning, before School starts we can order lunch. We have sandwiches and every Wednesday we can order a Quiche. After morning-tea while we have S.S.R (Sustained Silent Reading) we have one little carton of milk to refresh ourselves and when we’re done we have to fold them.
Everyone comes to School with clean and tidy uniform, so that’s great. We have nice haircuts and hairstyles, we have clean and proper shoes so we can run around without our shoes coming off. Our classrooms are clean and warm because we have a heater, so that is also what makes us clean, warm and safe/comfortable.

Glenbrae School is the best School in the world, because the Warriors are very famous and they got to come to our School to teach us how to get better at playing Rugby League. We are also very lucky to have food provided for us from the staff from Glenbrae, we are thankful that we can still have food when we forgot our lunches. Every time the class gets dirty or messy, we clean the classroom straight away. So Glenbrae School classes look clean.


Stephanie Parker said...

You've come up with some great reasons why Glenbrae School is the most marvellous school. Well done.

nirvana said...

Dear Shannon i love your Glenbrae school is the best in the would from your friend Nirvana

nirvana said...

Dear Shannon i love your Glenbrae school is the best in the would from your friend Nirvana

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