Monday, 7 September 2015

Eating insects

We should eat insects as part of a healthy diet.  I agree with this statement because,  are healthy, they are free and cheaper to produce.

Yes! Meat does have protein and iron, but you know what has more? Insects! Insects have protein to help our muscles stay strong. We also need iron, because if we have iron, we also have red blood cells, and without our red blood cells we wouldn't have enough oxygen in our bodies. Our bodies especially need nutritious, because they provide us to have energy and make us grow.

I think insects is what we will eat in the future, because food prices are going up and some people can’t afford normal food any more. So since insects are free with no cost at all and they’re easy to catch, I think people will start to eat insects and keep it as a daily food choice. Most people might think it’s gross, but it’s still healthy for us.

Insects produce less water than meat. To make 1kg of beef it produces 22000L of water. For Bacon/Pork we need 3500L of water to produce it. 1kg of Chicken produces 2300L of water and to make 1kg of insects, we need 1L of water. Only 1L of water! Isn't that a small amount?


Stephanie Parker said...

Great start Shannon. Over the week we will work on adding even more detail to this writing. Some compelling facts about eating insects... but would you?

shannon said...

I'd always wanted to try a cooked cricket, but I've never had the chance.

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