Thursday, 9 February 2017

Why the treaty of Waitangi was needed..

Why the treaty of Waitangi was needed (from both perspectives)

Maori POV
Maori needed the treaty because the British wanted to take the Maori land and create peace between both Maori and British. (But more importantly the British wanted to claim New Zealand before America, France etc.. did because they were greedy and wanted more land for their people and have as many countries as they can in the commonwealth.)

British POV
The British needed the treaty so they were eligible to build on and claim the land owned by the Maori without a war starting, so it would be a “peaceful” process.


Mrs Tofa said...

As we continue our research we are finding a lot of different views about why Maori wanted to sign the treaty. Some students are also finding chiefs who did not want to sign the treaty in their search. I do agree with you that the British and the French were both in New Zealand at the time and both had missionaries of different faiths in New Zealand trying to convert Maori into their religion.

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