Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Today in room 9 while the class of mine, room 7 and others were away at a tournament  representing Glenbrae School in the Tamaki Cluster for softball. Linda and I were left in room 9 for the day and in room 9 we worked and cooperated together to finish our work off. We finished our work before lunch time so we decided to do some artwork.

For our artwork we sketched different types of things, we sketched eyebrows, eyes and portraits that were sharp looking and for some we added a few tears in as it would look a lot better not in reality but sketching, it looked good. It also added a dramatic look to it. Anyways we drew this art and it turned out amazing. We both loved it.

At first it was boring until Linda really got me motivated, I really appreciate her a lot for helping me through boredom. Thank You Linda!

Before the day ended we finished a lot of artwork as in finished drawing eyebrows, eyes and portraits, today was alright but my favourite part of today was getting to know a bit more about Linda and what she loves to draw. I really learnt off her today.

Not just that but we both had great fun and awesome enthusiastic energy throughout the entire day.  

P.S Artwork picture on her blog. Linda's Blog


Angelica Fakahau said...

Hi Shannon, It was so cool how you and Linda worked together as a team by sketching portraits,eyes and eyebrows.Well Done...Keep up the Good Work!!

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