Friday, 19 May 2017

My Maze Game relating to Sustainability

In the context of Sustainability I have designed and produced a Maze Game for 10-12 year olds to be used to a problem that relates to families in the Tamaki Community is family violence, because it makes people feel hurt and scared.

My game works because the sprite (character) is able to navigate through the maze to the love heart at the end.


Miss Ogram said...

Oh wow how awesome that you guys have been doing coding and making games! Such an important message to share too! :)

Whitney said...

Im enjoying playing this game Shannon. At first it may be difficult( Yar_thing ). But i really started to get the hang of it. Although i was getting pretty mad when i kept on hitting the colour red.

Anyways grate game and hopefully you make wonderful games like thins again.

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