Sunday, 14 December 2014

Captain Widow

Captain Widow

There lived superheroes that were so powerful, they were called the Avengers there was Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Loki and finally Hulk Smash they were an amazing team. They work together but sometimes they argue and fight.

One day, 8 years into the future Captain America and Black Widow got married and had Captain Widow. Captain Widow, she had amazing super powers like nothing seen before. She was so powerful and had both techniques of Captain America and Black Widow.

As Captain Widow grew older her powers became stronger and her Parents getting older day by day. On Captain Widow’s 18th birthday her parents had passed away by a Super Villain. Captain Widow was so sad and depressed especially when they passed away on her birthday.

She couldn’t feel as worse as she was now. Captain Widow just kept thinking to herself why did they have to go instead of her. Captain Widow could NOT! control her powers, she had destroyed everything in her house.

She broke and ripped everything except one special jewellery, it was a necklace given to her by her parents it had a photo in it with her and her parents when they were younger. Captain Widow ran to the Ocean that was 20 mins away, she didn’t stop.

She didn’t stop because she was so mad, also because she is a Superhero and when she arrived to the Ocean she threw the necklace into the water, she was furious. She ran back home, she ran upstairs then she ran to her room.

Well Captain Widow was running to her room she felt something above her head, she looked up then found a piece of rope. It was an attic, Captain Widow never knew they had a attic. 

She pulled the rope then down came stairs she ran up making sure to be careful. It was very dark, she found a light switch and switched it on.

Captain Widow was so shocked, she found pictures, documents, papers and stamps. She read paper with pictures. When Captain Widow was going through the papers she saw a photo of her parents with more people. She thought they were superheroes, they were superheroes so she was right.

Captain Widow also found some tapes and DVD’S. She went to buy a tape player. When she returned from buying the tape player, she inserted the tape…



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I like the way you did your captain widow

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